How a Child Support Lawyer Can Help in a Divorce Or Separation

Child Support lawyerIf you are facing a divorce or separation in Phoenix, the best Child Support lawyer will help make sure that your children get the money they need from both parents. An experienced child support attorney can also help you resolve the issue if it becomes an issue in court.

A Child Support Attorney Explains the Guidelines

The Arizona Supreme Court sets guidelines for child support that are based on several factors, including each parent’s income. The court also considers the number of children, the amount of time each parent has the children, and how much each parent pays for health insurance, daycare, or other expenses.

A child support order can only be changed by a judge or a family support magistrate. In order to change your order, you must ask the court for a modification or hire an attorney to represent you.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Establish, Modify, or Enforce your Child Support Order

When a couple separates, the child’s needs will change as the child grows and develops. It is critical that a court determines how to address these changing needs by setting up a support order that is appropriate for the circumstances. A good child support lawyer will use the guidelines and other laws as references in helping to ensure that the needs of the child are met in a fair manner.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help With Retroactive Support

If your income has increased or decreased, you may be able to ask the court for a change in your child support order. This can happen by contacting Support Enforcement Services (SES) in writing, by phone or through e-mail and completing a written request form.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help Determining the Cost of Extra-Curricular Activities

Many parents wonder if they should pay for their children’s extra-curricular activities or if these should be funded by the other parent. While the answer to this question will depend on the specific situation, parents often resolve these issues in the separation agreement or at a mediation session.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help Make the Process Easy

As a parent, you want to be able to have access to information about your child’s extracurricular activities and costs, especially since you will likely have to pay for them. If you are a parent, it is important to know that you can seek a child support order that covers the cost of extra-curricular activities such as soccer, gymnastics, or music lessons.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help Reduce Stress

While it may be difficult to think about, a divorce can have a devastating impact on your finances and your family. A Phoenix child support lawyer can help reduce the emotional stress that comes with a divorce by guiding you through the process and ensuring that your needs are met.

Your Child Support Lawyer Can Help with Visitation Rights

If you are a parent, you probably understand that visiting your children can be an emotionally and physically taxing experience. During this time, you need to be able to spend quality time with them and enjoy their company. However, when you and your ex-spouse have a difficult time getting along with each other, you can struggle to maintain your visits with your children.